Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Since the beginning of my blogging career I've felt like the fat, pimply girl that never got asked to the school dance.
Drew Barrymore adequately portrays my emotions as the character Josie Grossie in one of my faves, "Never Been Kissed."

I know you guys are confused and probably thinking, "Why, Narcist, you're so wonderful, and witty, and lovely, what do you have to be insecure about?" Well the truth of the matter is yes I may come off as the picture of confidence, but inside I was worried that nobody truly loved me because I was never tagged for a meme. I lurked around other's memes laughing and sometimes commenting hoping that one day somebody would ask me to join in the festivities. But alas, it never happened and I was left eating brownies alone bitterly muttering, "I didn't want to do one anyway."

After gaining a bunch of weight waiting around, I decided to be a woman of the new millenium and asked one of the coolest, most popularest kid in the blogosphere to meme me! She said yes and even gave me a 14 bun salute (which I like to think of as my corsage)

So, I've got all gussied up (in my pink pj's) and I'm ready to PARTY!!

Finally without further ado, is my first meme!!!!

4 Dishes I Like to Cook:
1. red velvet cupcakes
2. funfetti cupcakes
3. yellow cupcakes
4. carrot cake cupcakes

4 Qualities I Love in People:
1. People who can cook foods other the cupcakes
2. People who don't interrupt my television time
3. People who buy me presents
4. People who know how to drive

4 Places I Have Been: (in the 07)
1. Nigeria
2. Miami
3. Canada
3. You're boyfriends bed=) (SIKE!!!)

4 Dirty Words I Like
1. Naughty
2. Trampy
3. Cunt Slut
4. Poop

Wow, that felt good. I was expecting the first time to hurt a little, hopefully I won't end up pregnant after this;)


WendyB said...

BWAH! I like #4 in the "places I have been." But for some reason the image here made me snort some Snapple out: "I lurked around other's memes laughing..."

WendyB said...

I forgot to mention that one of my stepdaughters is a film editor and she wound up supplying a vomiting sound for Drew in Never Been Kissed. I keep trying to use this brush with stardom to get invitations to chic parties, but so far, no luck.

E2Deep said...

Hey "Cunt Slut" lol
I feel left out:( I dont even know what a meme is. All I know is you list things, thats all.

Emma said...

Heh! Man, you're funny. "Wow, that felt good. I was expecting the first time to hurt a little, hopefully I won't end up pregnant after this;)"

BossMack said...

Cunt Slut? Thats a good one. Seriously tho, you know you've been in someone else's Man's bed before, keep it real.